A Champion of the Community

For 30-years, Susan Smith, the Senior Employment Coordinator at Forum House in Westfield, has been developing transitional, supported and independent employment positions for members thus creating countless opportunities for them to return to work and develop substantial career paths.  Last week, she was graciously awarded the 2018 Judge Frank Freedman Community First Award for exemplifying mindfulness of the humanity of service recipients and working respectfully with every single clubhouse member.  She recognizes that recovery embraces all aspects of life and she values strengths and needs to the fullest degree.  Nominated by Viability’s Vice President of Quality, Margaret Jordan and endorsed by President Dick Venne, Sue was an overwhelmingly qualified candidate with a long track record of encouraging individuals to believe that they can have a full life beyond poverty and unemployment.  We salute you, Sue and thank you for your dedication to many members’ lives and to Viability’s mission of building a world of individuals who realize their full potential.

Then, on Monday to further congratulate Sue for her life’s work, Massachusetts Representative John Velis came to Forum House and presented her with a citation from the MA House of Representatives.  Sue is certainly a champion of the community!