My name is Jojo, here is my story of success

by Joelle “Jojo” Smith 


Here are some things about myself that you may not know!

My name is Joelle Smith but I like to be called Jojo.

I am a mother and a proud grandmother to Cameron and Layla, they are my world..

I am a valued member of the Odyssey Clubhouse for almost 2 years. I help in the hospitality unit because of my love of cooking, and trust me, the members love my meals. my best friend at Odyssey is Sir Ryan Smith!

I’ve been in recovery for more than 4 years by now and I pay it forward specializing in the recovery field as well as Mental Health and Homelessness.

I am a Member of Bethlham Baptist Church in Holyoke were I help in the soup kitchen handing out hot meals to at least 160 to the homeless and shut-ins members. l also am in the choir, and attend bible study. Recently I started going to recovery homes and teaching the understanding faith and recovery.

The reason I started attending Odyssey House my because Department of Mental Health worker suggested it because I became very depressed due to my mental health. I was isolating and not taking my meds that maintained me. I needed to be around people and change my mindset.

I felt in love [with the Odyssey Clubhouse] after one visit and have become not only a strong peer and a friend, helping facilitate Dual Recovery Anonymous meetings and give tours for new members. I also enjoy going to hospitals to do outreach.

My best recent memory at Viabilty is when I was asked to speak at the rebranding of Viability (September 2022) I felt very important being with people that included Springfield’s Mayor Dominic Sarno and having people recognize me during and after the event (it was even on local TV!).

I love working with people and numbers, we work on letters and colors with them (Clubhouse members) 1, 2, 3, and some of them can now count to 50!  I love to do arts and crafts as well as painting and music. Something else I don’t want to forget is talk about Post Malone who is one of the most musically talented person I know. My nephew is his DJ and best friend so I known “Posty”, they saved my life!

If I had a wish to do something diffrent and start life again I honestly would not change a thing, despite everything that has happened or I went through, and the people it met there was a reason for it, I believe I would not be the woman I am today!!