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Our programs are welcoming communities where caring and creative staff bring forward proven models and innovative approaches that are informed and taken to the next level by the voices, choices and goals of our program participants.

At Viability, we are a community of participants, family members, employers, and neighbors where everyone is someone with inherent dignity to be honored. Here the typical boundary between “service provider” and “service receiver” is reinvented as a collaboration where our participants are the focus, but the positive impact extends beyond their outcomes. Our various program participants are full members of our community, with voices, goals, and abilities that shape the programs, and skills that help many of the programs not only run but thrive.

For example, in our employment programs, participants reach their own personal goals by learning critical job skills, inspiring others that they can also succeed – but it doesn’t end there. Working side-by-side with staff, program participants also help employers develop a more diverse workforce culture that meets their business goals. In other programs, participants and staff collaborate on everything from planning and preparing daily meals, to running the office and community outreach. At Viability, everyone is a contributor who can benefit others.

Viability offers services in the following states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma and Rhode Island.

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Adult Family Care (AFC) is not just about in-home assistance, but also empowerment. Some people need support to live on their own and Viability provides Adult Family Care services to give individuals that choice so that they live in the community with greater independence. Read more here.

Viability clubhouses operate with a belief in the power of “recovery through work.” Read More here.

The Community Living Program is a unique opportunity for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities to live and thrive in a family environment. Read more here.

Viability’s various day programs emphasize empowerment and access across three different categories of needs, but all share the unified goal of increasing social skills and steps toward greater independence and personal growth. Read more here.

The Viability DHILS (Deaf and Hard of Hearing Independent Living Services) Program is a peer-to-peer service that seeks to empower deaf and hard of hearing people with skills to obtain information, develop goals, and move their life in the direction of their choice. Read more here.

Job and Training Services are offered in collaboration with several funding sources throughout the states where we provide services. Read more here

Viability’s Youth Career Readiness programs, including our pre-employment transition services (Pre-ETS) are designed to support the transition from school into adult life. Read more here.

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Make a Positive Change

YOU can be a part of breaking down societal barriers and ensuring opportunities for our program members to live, learn, work, and thrive in their communities and the world by contributing your voice or making a donation.