Services / Programs

Viability offers many different programs to improve the lives of its members.

Employment is a supported employment program that helps individuals with disabilities find and maintain jobs in the community.

Living provides care management, direct care, and referral services to individuals with disabilities that enables them to live in the community with dignity.

Day Supports provides individuals with a broad range of community activities.

Education provides advocacy and academic support to high school and college students with disabilities.

Consulting works with companies, funding sources and service providers to expand diversity in the workplace.

Clubhouse modeled programs seek to help their members live full and productive lives as contributing members of their communities.

Community Thrift & Gift provides eclectic and unique merchandise to the community, while fostering inclusion for people with disabilities.

Community Staffing is a full-service temporary staffing, recruiting and payrolling agency located in Northampton, MA.

ETS Career Services is based on the belief that every individual has the right to work and helps members make their own choices, increase their skills, and pursue their individual goals.

Workforce Alternatives provides upfront job readiness skills, placement assistance, and ongoing support that are crucial in achieving career success, employment stability, and eventual self-sufficiency.

Move to Work is an innovative, comprehensive approach to helping individuals improve their job readiness, employment options, job retention, and overall quality of life by integrating neuroscience research findings and physical activity within the learning environment.