Access the Relias Learning Management System

For an improved experience, please access Relias off-the-cloud. – click here to go directly to the Relias LMS.  Please do not print certificates for trainings completed online.

Trainings and policy acknowledgements are completed in Relias with the exception of the following which are tracked in Relias.  Please send the following to

1. Certifications: First Aid, CPR, MAP, PMT etc.  Please send cards to track retrain dates in Relias.  Cards will be kept in personnel files.

2. Signs & Symptoms

3. Employee Safety Checklist

4. Human Rights trainings for all states except MA (MA Mandated Reporting & Human Rights trainings are completed in Relias).

5. Signed Job Descriptions and Performance Reviews

Please do not upload any documents into the “Relias Tracker” for above trainings.  We are only using tracker to record completion date and retrain dates.

Human Service Worker Safety Training

Massachusetts employees are required to print, complete and fax this verification to EOHHS Center for Staff Development 1-617-348-5464.  Please give the form to your training coordinator – there is no need to send to the H.R. Office.